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Following a few simple steps as you plan and prepare for your move can make it all go smoothly.  From our experience, following these simple tips make a real difference.

  • Plan to make arrangements far in advance of your moving date.
  • If you plan to do your own packing, start early.
  • Items you will need immediately should be labelled "unload first".
  • Easily breakable items such as glassware, pictures and mirrors should be extra carefully packed. Boxes should be sized according to weight (i.e., heavy items in smaller boxes, light items in bigger boxes).
  • Secure lids and tops on boxes and jars to prevent leakage.
  • Label box contents by room (i.e., kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office).
  • Reserve an area in your home or office where goods not to be removed are placed, and inform the mover.
  • Service and disconnect appliances in advance. Empty and defrost fridge and freezer the day before move.
  • Dispose of flammables before moving. We cannot transport gas, propane or combustible items.
  • Review with us ahead of time to confirm all the details of your move.
  • After loading, do a walk-through to make sure all items have been removed from closets and cabinets.
  • In cold weather, allow your electronics to acclimatize before placing them in your new location. Most importantly, when you need to move, call Putt's!

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